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Garage Conversion Services

Are you looking for a skilled and affordable garage conversion contractor? Are you looking to upgrade your building to meet current code guidelines at the same time? Do you need help with water, sewer, electrical, or gas supply?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to contact us at [company name] today! We can help you to convert your garage into a living space that you will love and that will be up to code and ready to move into.

If you have never considered converting your garage into a living space, or you are interested in working with a skilled contractor for this project, you need to keep reading to learn more!

Garage Conversion and Accessory Dwelling Units

When you convert a garage into another living space in your home, you are creating something called an Accessory Dwelling Unit. This is a common solution that is used to make room for a teenager who wants their own room, to create a space for a mother-in-law suite, or to create a rental unit on your property that can create some added income for your family each month.

Your garage is already set up with most of what you need to create another living space. Garages are built on a foundation, have a roof and four walls and are almost always connected to the rest of the home in some fashion. In most parts of the US, it is legal to change this space into a living space after a simple application process for approval from the county or city. There are many reasons that you might want to undertake this project for your family’s benefit and the advantages of this conversion process are hard to overstate.

What is an ADU?

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit. When you convert a garage into a living space, it is categorized in this way. An ADU does not have to be attached to the main dwelling’s primary building and it can be a standalone living space when it is completed.

ADU conversions are often much smaller than the other homes on the property and they are required to be 1200 square feet in size or less. You might also be limited in some counties by the rule that the ADU needs to be 50% of the main home’s living space. ADUs are made to be fully independent living spaces with their own electrical, AC, and heating, and also their own plumbing and hot water heater. Most of these spaces are also required to have their own kitchen and bathroom as well.

There are a few types of ADU that you can choose to build:

·         Garage Conversion ADU which is a garage that has been fully converted to an ADU

·         Attached ADU above garage conversion which is a living space that does not completely convert the garage but still meets the rest of the ADU qualifications

·         An attic conversion which is an ADU in the attic of your home

·         Attached garage conversion

There are various state laws that limit the size and features of these units, so you will need to be aware of the nature of the kind of ADU you can add in your county or state. There are also usually limitations on how many of these kinds of conversions you can have on the property. You might not be allowed to convert two garage buildings into living spaces per state or county law.

Most states recognize the benefit of these secondary housing units for homeowners. The cost of housing has increased steeply in the last ten years and many people are finding it harder and harder to locate affordable housing for elderly family members or for young people who want to move out of the house. These ADU units can provide secure and safe housing for people who would otherwise struggle to maintain a secure living arrangement for themselves. This is also the case with ADUs that are being used as rental units. The lack of available and affordable housing has contributed to homelessness and other social struggles around the US, and ADUs can be a great solution to mitigate these troubles for many families.

The garage on your property is probably not getting that much use, but what if it could be converted into usable space with ease.

What Are JADUs?

A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit is much like an ADU. The difference between the two unit types is that the JADU must be attached to the family residence and it can only be up to 500 square feet in size. A JADU will also use the heating, AC, and plumbing that is conferred by the main home. These units can still contain a bathroom and kitchen, but they are often much more affordable because they are so small and they are already attached to the main systems that are conferred by the main house.

JADUs are a great choice for mother-in-law suites and for teens or kids that need their own living space. You will find that smaller homes might also have smaller garages and this can be the right situation for a JADU rather than an ADU.

Garage Conversions Are an Investment That You Should Consider

If you are tired of struggling to find room for people when they come to visit or you are ready to move your adult child into their own space, you need to consider an ADU or JADU for this need. When you choose to work with us at [company name] you can count on a skilled conversion that will make your home more usable than it has ever been before. We know all of the rules and regulations that need to be followed to make sure that your project is up to code and we are capable of creative solution-making for your needs as well.

If you are ready to turn your garage into a much more useful space for your family, you need to contact us today!

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